Leading & Developing the Team

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  • Online: FarmIQ Learning Platform
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Leading & Developing the Team
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Leading & Developing the Team

Online: FarmIQ Learning Platform



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Leading & Developing the Team

Online: FarmIQ Learning Platform

All Day
16 July 2025


Leading & Developing the Team 

Successful staff retention often depends on effective development of the team and this course, over three modules, covers the essential steps you need to take to motivate, engage and support your team. Each module covers key aspects to consider, ensuring you retain the right people for your team.


This course is divided into 3 bitesize modules.

  • 1. Team Dynamics:
  •  Why understanding teams is important to the industry
     Recognising the hidden costs of staff turnover
     Research that confirms the single biggest reason staff leave
     Introduction to profiling and how it can help the team
     Using personality styles to build your teams effectiveness
     Managing conflict and learning how to flex
  •  How to recognise natural strengths and using this in recruitment
  •  Why certain people don’t get on and how to fix it


  • 2. Motivation & Engagement:
  •  A deep understanding of motivation
     The different types of motivation
     The four steps to creating a motivational environment
     The four pillars of high performing teams


  • 3. Performance Management:
  •  Understanding performance management- why is it important?
     The performance management cycle
     How to deliver effective feedback
     The importance of managing ourselves
     The importance of the “accountability ladder”
     How to ask coaching questions
  •  Noticing changes in performance and behaviour
  •  Dealing with mental health issues on the farm