Managing Milking Protocols


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Managing Milking Protocols
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Managing Milking Protocols

Online: FarmIQ Learning Platform



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Managing Milking Protocols

Online: FarmIQ Learning Platform

All Day
12 May 2025


This self-eLearning course that is designed to Introduce you to the scientific principles behind milking cows, and how they can be practically applied in a farm environment.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Know about the anatomy of a cow’s udder

2. Know how and why the milk letdown reflex works, and why it is important

3. What comprises a good milking routine and why

4. What can cause a milking routine to run slowly

5. The science of mastitis

What factors on farms can exacerbate a mastitis problem

6. Drying off cows

The course can be done at your own pace, you will not have to complete the course all at once.