National Youngstock Conference 2022


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National Youngstock Conference 2022
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National Youngstock Conference 2022

Online: FarmIQ Learning Platform



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National Youngstock Conference 2022

Online: FarmIQ Learning Platform

All Day
13 January 2025


This course gives you access to the recordings of all the seminars given at the National Youngstock Conference 2022.

Having an entire day focused solely on youngstock allowed speakers to provide more detailed seminars and talks on the topics that are really important.

The full programme of presentations looked at all aspects of youngstock management and calf rearing. These range from genomics and breeding management, colostrum, and calf management during the first few weeks of life, through to weaning and nutrition during the growing phase. The programme also addressed some of the key disease challenges seen on farm including pneumonia, coccidiosis, and cryptosporidiosis. And the day’s proceedings also looked at some of the key tools available to help prevent and manage these conditions, including fluid therapy, biosecurity, and hygiene.

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