Recruiting the Right People

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  • Online: FarmIQ Learning Platform
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Recruiting the Right People
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Recruiting the Right People

Online: FarmIQ Learning Platform



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Recruiting the Right People

Online: FarmIQ Learning Platform

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16 July 2025


Recruiting the Right People 

Successful staff retention begins with effective recruitment and this course, over three modules, covers the essential steps you need to take to find, select and take on the right candidates for your farming business. Each module covers key aspects to consider, ensuring you select the right person for your team, every time.


This course is divided into 3 bitesize modules.

  • 1. Planning & Preparation:
  •  Understanding how your employer reputation effects recruitment
     The importance of a website and social media in attracting candidates
     Establishing the skill gap you need to fill
     Creating a clear role description to identify skills and experience required
     How to establish competitive pay rates
     Understanding how accommodation and other benefits can attract candidates

2. Advertising the Role:
 Understanding the online/offline options for advertising
 How to use a simple formula to write an effective job advert
 How to use different recruitment sites and managing advertising spend
 How to use social media job sites and groups
 The impact on reputation from how you respond to applications
 Using telephone screening to shortlist candidates
 The role of personality profiling in the recruitment process

3. Interviewing:
 The importance of the setting for the interview
 Being prepared and checking the state of the farm
 The key information you need to have to hand in the interview
 How to balance formal and informal parts of the interview
 Developing questions and pitfalls to avoid
 Time allocation and how this effects candidates
 Being aware of discrimination, unconscious bias and legal restrictions
 Developing the induction process- the first 100 days